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Push-in rigs

Push-in rigs

Essential part of the deep detection intrusive UXO survey is the push-in rig, as it is the stable platform serves as  counterweight to provide the required penetrative force and facilitating all essentials to create an accurate and swift process that is cost effective.

Depending on the environment, local situation and customer specific requirements Gouda UXO-Equipment engineers and produce’s purposely designed UXO pushing rigs, standard and upgraded CPT penetrometer rigs, like: 

  • The Stitcher, a unique high quality crawler based, purposely designed rig equipped with ingenious continues pushing and pulling system with a fixed 14 meter tall mast probing to a pre-set depth and speed in manual and automatic mode.
  • The 10ton CPT crawler rig, a sold piece of equipment with a traditional pusher with a 1350mm stroke and optionally equipped with an aluminium extendable mast.
  • The Crawler-Truck rig, a 4×4 roadgoing terrain truck with a crawler system between the axles for easy and swift rough terrain access, optionally with a double stroke pusher for continues pushing and pulling.
  • The detachable excavator platform. An extremely  flexible piece of equipment with its own power-pack and operators platform with a tent, ideal for working at a significant angle and optionally equipped with an aluminium extendable mast.

Apart from many standard features various options can be selected, depending on the type of rig, to create the ideal tool for the job.

UXO scanning of the top soil layer, clearing and releasing it is required before deep detection is commenced, since the steel rigs themselves are creating a detectable disturbance of the magnetic field. The disturbance is “only” fading away after approx. 1,5 meters but can be more, depending on the specific rig used in combination with the local situation.