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Why not rent the all machinery for your next job from our equipment rental department?

Whether it’s for a special project, an unexpected increase in current projects, or if your regular machinery is down due to maintenance or repair, there is a solution at hand. We have rental rigs and instruments which are ready to go, helping you achieve all your long and short-term intrusive UXO survey objectives. No problem!

We can support you and provide all the temporary or permanent equipment which you may need for your intrusive UXO survey, but furthermore, this equipment can also be used in combination with all standardised cone penetration geotechnical soil surveys. Long and short-term leasing of our specialised machinery can provide you with the scope to collect extra data and still be able to wrap up your project on time.

We are also matchmakers! If you need a specialised temporary operator or even an instructor to train and coach your team during live operations whilst still adhering to your daily production schedule, just let us know and we can easily couple you with the very best expertise in the industry.

Contact our experienced team for detailed information about our rental services. You can reach us 24/7 by telephoning +31 715 318 475 or by email at 

You can rely on Gouda UXO-Equipment B.V. to provide you with the rig and instruments you need for a thorough and professional UXO survey and in-situ investigation.