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SafeLane Global deal

3 juli 2023

We are honoured to announce that SafeLane Global Ltd. and Gouda UXO-Equipment B.V. have agreed to terms for the delivery of multiple state-of-the-art magnetometer data acquisition systems to update the current fleet of SafeLane Global rigs in the UK.

The delivery consists of various sets of single-sensor magnetometer modules, data loggers, depth encoders, cables, software and sundries. With these systems, the SafeLane teams will continue undertaking intrusive surveys for the detection of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) for their Clients nationwide. Due to the design and setup of the Gouda-UXO system, the end user can replace wear-parts themselves in the rigs, on-site, and without supplier intervention. The objective of reducing operating costs and creating better uptime for the rigs has thus been achieved. Considerable logistical and investment savings are achievable due to less equipment being in transit for servicing.

Because Gouda data acquisition systems are so modular, you can also easily run UXO searches simultaneously with standard CPTu soil tests. By simply fitting the standard CPTu cone with special non-magnetic wear parts and assembling the magnetometer module in tandem with the CPTu cone, the combined soil test and UXO search can begin. The advantage of the Gouda modular system is that it removes the need for time-consuming full equipment swaps.

Gouda UXO-Equipment B.V. is privileged to have teamed up with the SafeLane Global team of professionals running UXO deep detection surveys in the UK. We would like to thank Lucie Tiverrier, Matthew Butcher, Arfon Jones, and the rest of the team for their confidence in our products and service!

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